We would be delighted to share with you our client list that we have developed and retained over the past 25 Years.



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Do you want more Sales?

We have a special digital Signage solution that allows you to click your mouse and communicate with these prospective customers.

As well as outdoor and portable we allow you to up-sell to them while they are in your store using our clever indoor video walls and advertising to influence them in a very subtle way to the benefits of what you offer.

DIGITAL SIGN is a full service  HD indoor/outdoor SIGNAGE SYSTEMS.

While communicating with customers is what we do, LED digital signage is how we do it.In its purest form a digital sign is a super-sized version of your LED television at home. It can be large enough to cover the entire side of a building, or small enough to go on the end of a shopping isle. Either way, it is how we allow you to talk to your prospective customer as they go about their business and grow your sales.

Digital Billboards are capable of displaying anything you can develop on a computer, be it video, pictures, animations, or just plain text. This is especially useful if your business delivers constantly updated information – your sales message will be enhanced by the power of dynamic digital signs. See more of our led signage options or view our product gallery.


We offer fully serviced long-term leases or no deposit ‘rent-to-buy’ options in a customization range of sizes, portable or fixed. Please Contact Us to see which option is best suited to your business requirements. How much are you currently spending for Signage.

DIGITAL SIGNS are experts at indoor, outdoor and portable digital signage solutions that really work! Watch your marketing spend drop and sales increase as you focus on marketing channels that really work!


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